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Chaitra shukla pratipada, i.e. the day following holika dahan is known as Dhulendi. In fact, this is the day when holi is played all over the country. Holi celebrations reach a peak on this day in Vrindavan as well as in the temple on this day. By tradition Bihariji does not play Holi on this day rather He only watches the devotees playing Holi.


The decoration in the temple jagmohan is changed. The silver hut is shifted and a grand golden Bungalow is erected in its place. The curtains stained by Holi colors are also replaced by new ones. Bihariji occupies the high throne to grace the occasion. The arrangements remain the same for morning as well as evening Darshans. Priests do not sprinkle colored water or throw colored powder on devotees rather devotees carry gulal (colored powder) with them and throw it towards Thakurji as well as on each other. Bihariji just sits calmly in his grand bungalow showering his kindness on all.


Huranga (world famous laththamar holi) is organized near the temple premises in the afternoon which continues till evening. At the end the groups of ladies and gents playing huranga go to the temple singing holi songs to secure divine blessings.

Festival Significance : Dolotsav
Festival Date (Hindu Calender) : Chaitra Krishna Pratipada
Festival Date (English Calender) : Fri, Mar 14, 2025

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