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In the morning after Janmashtami, i.e. Navami, Nandotsav is celebrated in the temple premises. Bihariji continues to sit in the Jagmohan extending his grace and divine charm to one and all. The priests and devotees distribute sweets, fruits, clothes, toys, utensils, coins as part of celebration. Devotional songs congratulating Nand Baba on birth of Krishna are sung in chorus. Everybody feels as if Krishna is born today and in a joyous mood people dance almost hysterically congratulating each other. The temple court presents a picture of almost confusion and chaos and nobody is able to hear what other is saying. Each one is enjoying in his own way i.e. dancing, singing, praying, throwing away gifts or collecting them as Prasad. It seems that everybody has gone mad. It is a mad congregation of devotees celebrating the birth of divinity! Why and how they all have become mad? Probably they are over drunk(?) with the joy of Radha Nam Sankirtan (repetition of divine name Radhey!Radhey!......).


Such celebrations continue till Rajbhog Aarti(1200 noon).

Festival Significance : Celebrating the birth of Lord
Festival Date (Hindu Calender) : Bhadrapad Krishna Navmi
Festival Date (English Calender) : Wed, Aug 28, 2024

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