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Raksha Bandhan

As we all know this day is celebrated to strengthen the bond among brothers and sisters. Sister ties a Raksha Sutra, Rakhi, on the wrist of brother, praying for his longevity and prosperity. Brother in turn assures the sister of all help and support from his side, should she need it. The celebration generally ends with a family reunion, exchange of gifts and extending wish for each other.


How does a devotee celebrate this day? She/he offers a Rakhi to the Lord, offers choicest of delicacies and fruits as bhog, meditates on Him and feels satisfied that he has developed a relationship with Him.


This is an important aspect-Develop a relationship. A really close relationship. And if you are serious about it – Lord will definitely be more serious to maintain the relationship. Realizing God becomes much more simple and easy when we develop such simple relationships like that of a friend, brother, guru, father, mother or even son or grandson with Him.


Let us try to understand this by way of an example:


Sages and saints meditate on God as the creator, master of all, universal soul etc. They pray for years – maybe millions of years – birth after birth, and may succeed to realize Him at the end. Now, Lord Ram was directed to go to the forests for fourteen years. He left Ayodhya along with his wife Sita and brother Laxman. During his stay in forests He visited the Ashrams and hermitages of many saints and rishis. This was the culmination of long, untiring efforts of tapasya of these saints that Lord Ram came to them, bowed to them, stayed with them and accepted their ardhya, padhya in person! Simple and illiterate women dwellers of forests saw him during these travels and developed a strong desire to come close to Shri Ram, touch Him, walk with him and achieve Him as their husband. They mentally accepted Shri Ram as their husband and nurtured this emotional relationship intensely. And see the result – their wish was granted soon – during Krishnavatar, Lord fulfilled all their desires by inducting them all in Maha Raas.


So we know, it becomes immensely simple to achieve God by developing an affectionate, sincere relationship. This is in this context that devotee must see the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Today, develop a relationship of brotherhood with Bihariji. Offer Him a Rakhi and pray Him to be a brother. The option is not limited to female devotees only, even males can develop the same relationship and offer him a Rakhi.


Now what kind of Rakhi it should be? Should it be a golden one? Or made of silver? Or at least of silk? Or.. Or…?? We are confused – if we are offering a Rakhi to Bihariji it should be exclusive – not a common type. What kind of exclusiveness is liked by the Lord?


To make my point I briefly recall the episode of Draupadi Cheer Haran from Mahabharat. We all know Lord Krishna saved her in a unique way out of a grave humiliating situation. Draupadi is also known as Krishna Sakhi or simply as Krisna – because she loved Lord Krishna as her brother. So what kind of Rakhi Draupadi tied on wrist of her brother Lord Krishna? Once Krishna came to see Pandavas in the forests during the period of their exile. He had a cut on his finger that was bleeding. Seeing this, Draupadi immediately tore off the edge of her Saree and dressed his wound to comfort him. So, this was the kind of Rakhi, Draupadi offered to Lord Krishna. It had the exclusiveness of concern, love, sharing pain and sharing emotions.


So, on this Raksha Bandhan Day, let us all offer our beloved Shri Bihariji Maharaj a Rakhi full of love and affection and develop a relationship. Then we start calling Him as – Mere Bhaiyya Bihariji Vrindavan Vale!


If you are not able to reach Vrindavan on this occasion, just call Him to your place. He is sure to visit you and accept the Rakhi as He always answers the true callings.

Festival Significance : Renew the bond of love
Festival Date (Hindu Calender) : Shravan Shukla Poornima
Festival Date (English Calender) : Mon, Aug 19, 2024

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